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In 2008 NCIF, started as a trading and sourcing service in QingdaoChina, helping the customer implement their product and control the quality. TodayNCIF has established itself as a resource of product knowledge and a geotextilefabric manufacture. You can be confident that NCIF now produce the bestcertifiable fabrics in the geotextile industry.

Since 2014, we set up warehouse and distribution facilities in USA. We improve the whole product chain by self-producing and cooperativeproducing. We value partnership development and offering one-stop solution . Westrongly believe that true success is based in the honest, profession,diligent, innovation, and revolution.   

In 2017, we set up a new location in Wuxi, China to produce wovenand non woven geotextile fabric. Assets from this expansion NCIF increased100,000sq.ft manufacturing facility. The new fabrication division allowing usserve our customer better delivery terms. Also will support us continuouslygrowth in geotextile industry.

Our delivery service covers from China to your warehouse, or yoursite. Before the product arrive to your place, we can take care of inspection,transportation, customs clearance, truck delivery etc. Our NCIF group hasintegrated professional technician production line, amazing workers, and unitedmanagement team to produce and deliver customized solutions and to enhance thebusiness.

At NCIF, we promise to focus on our key priorities: qualityproducts, technical knowledge, competent services, and competitive priceavailable globally. We are strongly committed to consistently establish andmaintain our long-standing partnerships with you through professionalinteraction and practical and innovative solutions.